Versatile Carpet Options

Let a New Carpet Change the Look and Feel of Your Room

Popular around the world, carpets are a great choice for floors throughout your home or office. Let Stylish Carpets show you everything from durable Berber tweeds to deep, rich plush weaves. You'll find a great range of colors, patterns, piles, and more!
We have over 60 years of experience to help you get the most out of your carpet choice. We'll show you how a light carpet can visually expand a small room and a dark carpet can make a big room seem more intimate. Also, if you have a room that lacks natural light, a sunny color can lighten things up.

In any case, we'll let you study samples in your home with a reminder that the color of a room-size carpet is going to have a lot more impact than whatever the sample shows you!

Soften Footfalls and Mask Noises With Carpets

One of the major benefits of carpets, of course, is the way it softens floors for greater comfort underfoot. That same quality also helps carpets absorb sound, which is perfect when you live in a condominium, townhouse, or a home with high ceilings. 
Room Carpet

Check Out the Many Benefits of Room Carpeting

Whether you choose a room-sized loose-laid carpet or wall-to-wall carpeting that is permanently installed over a cushion, carpets offer a range of advantages other than durability and cleanability.
  • Adds high-fashion comfort and luxurious flair
  • Gives a room a more furnished feeling
  • Softens the room's angular surfaces
  • Hides floor imperfections, existing damage, and uneven surfaces
Come to our showroom at 2212-B North Frazier and check out your options for carpets that resist soiling, staining, odors, and static.
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