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Carpet Flooring Options

Carpet is undoubtedly the warmest, softest flooring option available for your space and is offered in a wide range of options to match every budget and need. Soft, luxurious carpet flooring is a beautiful, functional, and economical option for families with kids and pets. Our modern carpets stand up to high-traffic wear and resist life’s spills and stains like never before.

At Stylish Interiors, enjoy the highest quality carpet installation with all the color tones, patterns, thickness, fiber brands, and softness levels. Whatever your specific needs, we can find affordable options to fit!


Your home is one of your most valuable assets and it deserves the best custom carpet flooring around. Whether you want to show off your personal style with a patterned carpet or keep a low-profile look with a solid color, we have an amazing selection available with plenty of options to choose from.

Have a more custom carpet job in mind? Let us create a custom rug out of any carpet in our showroom, providing an affordable solution to other high-priced rugs. We can also design a custom carpet runner for your stairs and make your stairs safer, quieter, and more stylish.


Today, modular carpet tiles are the most sought after commercial carpet flooring. Uniformly sized and totally self-contained, they are interchangeable pieces, so you can lift up individual tiles and wash them if needed. Modular carpet provides unmatched design flexibility, allowing you to mix and match not just colors but also carpet fibers, styles, and shapes.
An alternative to modular carpet is broadloom: the traditional wall-to-wall carpet. If you aren’t a big fan of the tiled look, broadloom carpet has a clean, seamless appearance. Because it doesn’t have any seams and is usually a uniform color or texture, it seems to stretch on forever in a room, making it appear larger and more spacious. Not to mention, broadloom carpet is just about the softest flooring you could own and a comfort you won’t want to miss.

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Why Choose Carpet

Generally, there is no other substitute to carpet flooring in terms of comfort, safety, and absorption of warmth and sound. Due to advancements in today’s technology, carpet is quickly growing in popularity in both residential and commercial spaces, because it meets a wide variety of needs and is adaptable to practically any space. What other flooring option provides sound insulation, energy savings, foot comfort, durability, and non-allergenic properties – all while providing you the creative flexibility for custom design?

Perfect for the Home

From the aesthetic appeal to the practical, carpet floors can go a long way in elevating your home’s look and feel overall. With our vast choice of patterns, yarns, colors, and fibers, you can affordably refurbish your flooring and achieve a new, dream look for your living spaces. No matter what look you have in mind, our collections have a carpet that can match your home’s style. Solid colors, as well as patterns and intricate designs, are available to coordinate and even enhance any decor.
If you have kids, carpet is a perfect place for them to do all the rough and tumble acrobatics they love to do. Not only does it provide good foot traction for the entire family, but also softens the blow in case your little one trips and falls over. Plus, carpet flooring absorbs sounds transmitted through ceilings, walls, and floors better than any other flooring option. That’s why it is a smart solution for bedrooms, your kid’s playroom, your entertainment room, or your teenage son’s room who is still learning the guitar.

Practical for Your Business

Regardless of the size of your space, choosing carpet for your commercial flooring needs is an affordable, functional, and long-lasting choice that will retain its beauty. If your business requires a quiet work environment, carpet flooring is a very practical choice due to its ability to absorb and improve sound in an open office layout. For safety reasons, it eliminates the hazard of slippery heels and hard-bottom shoes that hardwood or tile floors present.

While it may not be the most obvious benefit, carpet flooring performs well year-round. The fibers of the carpet actually retain heat and reduce your energy costs during colder months, while keeping cooler air inside during warmer months. Lastly, modern commercial carpet options are engineered to handle high traffic areas. You may be thinking carpet is a higher maintenance option compared to other flooring options, but many commercial carpets are stain-resistant, durable, and come in a variety of designs and colors.

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